Sunday, November 6, 2011

We'll square away next time

I just went to the dentist. Regular checkup. All's good. No fear of the dentist, but, let's face it, all these routine checkupsdental, gyno, eye exams, mammos, and skin checksare all better when they're over with. But I accept what we have to do to tick those off our list and move on to stuff that's more fun.

What makes the semiannual dental checkup bearable is that I know I'll be in the area to visit a "not so local for me" farmers market. We're still seeing a dentist we started with many years ago when we lived in the city. One of my favorite reasons to be in that area periodically is to visit the market for the guacamole at the Mexican cuisine stand. The rich green stuff is made just the way I likenot mashed too smooth, with big chunks of avocado peeking out, and not too much spice to hide the buttery goodness.

So before I line up at the counter for my guac purchase, I always first take a quick spin through the market to check out the stalls and see what looks good that day. I spied the bakery shelves filled with big homemade cookies. On top of the counter there were also bags of cookies, a mix of oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, and sugar, all lined up with a sign marking them as "day old, $4 a bag."

Hmm, I thought...these look tasty. I'd eat day-old, heck, week-old, homemade cookies at home, so these can only be good. Knowing hubby would also love a bag, I pulled out the charge card to pay. All I had carried into the market was my phone and my card, so I didn't have to lug my briefcase bag around the market. The girl behind the counter stopped short and and asked if I had cash since they don't take credit for purchases under $10.

Unfortunately, I knew I had no cash with me. I never really carry much since it's so easy to pay by card and settle at the end of each month. And I get cash-back rewards to boot.

I handed back the bag of cookies and said I was sorry to not have cash. Before I knew what was happening, the owner of the stall stepped in and quickly said, "No worry. Take the cookies. We'll square away next time you're in."

Square away next time? Are you sure? I was dumbfounded. And I knew it showed. Was she saying to take the cookies now with no payment? Does she realize I won't be back for maybe six months until my next dental checkup? How could she stay in business if she said that to everyone and they didn't come back?

Well, her generous and trusting spirit is something I admire. Good karma is coming her way, for sure.  I knew I wouldn't forget to square away with her next time I was in. I could never forget. Such a little thing in the scheme of life, but it was a memorable moment, something you don't see frequently.

Hubby and I discussed the experience soon after I left the market. He loved the story and the fact that I was bringing cookies home. But even before his first nibble, he was quick to remind me he's going to the dentist next week and offered to stop in the market to "square us away". I'm sure he'll buy some more cookies while he's there. Karma.

This momentary encounter was a nice reminder to me that everything we do every day is a chance to square awayto tidy up, to organize, to finish with somethingto be on good terms with our spiritual selves, a routine checkup on my list that I don't want to forget in the mix. Some introspection never hurts, I think, and for a nice finish, the cookies were good too.

Until next time, yours in fun and life...Therese


  1. Way cool story. It is refreshing to hear we can still do business with a hand shake like our parents used to do.

  2. So true, brugey! In that quick moment in the small, friendly market, I felt like I was in a time past. It was a neat feeling.

  3. awesome blog post!! I love how your thought process works. I like the reminder to square away every chance we can. Debbie