Monday, November 28, 2011

Angels danced the day you were born

Years ago my mother bought me a plaque emblazoned with this sweet saying. I hadn't heard that phrase before and it was an interesting concept to me.

As a child, we were told when there was thunder and lightning that the angels were moving the furniture in heaven, so they could bowl. It certainly made a scary storm more fun as we imagined what was going on up above us.

So as an adult, here I'm provided with another insight into the activities of angels. Hey, they danced for me? Cool.

Even all grown up, it's been comforting to imagine their happiness that I was born. I can think about the great-grandparents I never met and more great-greats from different times and parts of the world rejoicing that I was a new leaf in their branch of the family tree. I hope I make them proud as I've raised my family and carry on our lineage.

I thought again about those angels doing a jig just recently as I celebrated a milestone birthday. I'm so thankful for life with all its ups and downs, and I can't believe I'm on this good earth for half a century now. That amazes me.

With all that's happened in my life this far it seems so long, yet it also seems like just a blip in time. Just yesterday I was playing with the kids in the neighborhood. Just yesterday my own children were out playing. Now my children are all grown up and talking about having children of their own. To every thing there is a season. So long ago. Just yesterday. How can it be both? But it is. Time is relative.

And no matter the time that is passing, I feel exactly the same inside. I may look a bit different on the outside, but I'm still the same kid inside. Well, yes, somewhat wiser, for sure. But I have all the same dreams and thoughts I had before, and some new ones too. I'm still growing and learning and I like it.

I'm thinking more lately about the idea we were taught as children that our bodies are just shells for our souls. It's nice to think about those spirits or souls inside us staying young no matter how old we may appear on the outside. I want to nurture that young spirit and challenge myself to keep it fresh and open to new ideas and adventures.

Not too long ago my mother remembered the plaque she bought me awhile back and guessed aloud that I got rid of it in my quest to rid my life of tchotchkes since she never saw me display it. I took her upstairs to my master bathroom and showed her the plaque on the side of the tub.

"It's the first thing I see each morning, mom. It's always been here from the day you gave it to me, a private conversation between us. Who wouldn't want to be reminded every day that my parents and angels were happy that I was born?"

"Oh," mom said. "I didn't think about you keeping it anywhere but downstairs." Mom seemed relieved and very happy. And so was I now, since I hadn't ever thought that she might think I didn't keep the treasured gift that she picked out for me specially.

And so I'll leave you with that same good feeling I experience each day. No matter our circumstances and through all the challenges we've all faced in our lives, know that angels, spirits, souls, ancestors--whatever our beliefs--danced the day we all were born. We're not alone.

If you've been following along, you're getting to know me now. You know I'll be first in line for the chance to pay it forward for future generations.

Yes, it can be sad to think the shells of our bodies exist only for a finite period of time, but it's not a bad deal to believe that our souls will live on and someday I'll be dancing for each new birth on this good earth.

That can only be a good thing.

Until next time, yours in fun and angels dancing...Therese

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